Services to help you to achieve your goals

At Nussbaum Antiques, we understand the significance of your cherished possessions, and our expert appraisal process is designed to help you uncover their true value. Whether you possess a family heirloom, a unique work of art, or a vintage collectible, we are dedicated to providing you with accurate and comprehensive assessments.

Our appraisal journey begins with a meticulous evaluation of your item. We carefully examine its condition, provenance, historical significance, and artistic merit.

Following the evaluation, we embark on an extensive market analysis. We take into account current market trends, historical sales data, and the uniqueness of your item to determine its fair market value. Whether you need an appraisal for insurance purposes, estate planning, or simply out of curiosity, our valuations are conducted with the utmost precision and transparency. We provide you with a detailed appraisal report that you can confidently use for insurance coverage, estate settlements, or informed decision-making.


Our combined experience and construction familiarity provides added benefit throughout the proposal, preconstruction, design development, and construction stages of projects.

Safety Inspections

Dunn and Co’s robust safety inspections provide safety and incident prevention resources, education, and enforcement for all areas of a construction site. We will keep you safe.


We actively manage the budget development process, provide timely input and method alternatives, and monitor the availability of materials and compatibility of costs. 


Another key method to enhancing your property is by remodeling an existing space. We rework spaces, add lighting and improve overall flow with new design and construction alternatives.